Battle of Domination

For my advance typography class.

In this project, I remade the board game “Battleship” in a post-modern style. Based on the concept from the game, I have designed 2 sides, one is the United States and the other is China. To distinguish the two countries, I used stars as the peg’s background because both countries flags have stars in them. The white stars with the blue background represent America; the yellow stars with the red background represent China. I also have the outlines of the respective countries placed in as a graphic element. In order to attack the opponent, the players needs to pronounce the words at the top of the board along with the numbers.

For the box, I want to incorporate the sliding design, which was inspired by the game board. The whole shape was asymmetrical to give the box a more post-modern feel. I used “Battle of Domination” as the name of the game instead of “Battleship” because the central conflict of the game is based on two countries and thus has a larger scope than a naval battle.